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Industry Professionals Screening Your Candidates

Professionals, who currently work with the skills and technologies you require, perform the technical pre-screenings on your candidates.

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Better Insight Into Your Candidate

We employ a proprietary skill ranking system to improve your hiring process by finding the candidates ideally suited for your business needs.

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Reduce Risk & Improve ROI

Minimize the risk of a bad hire which can cost more than 3X their annual salary. Instead, rely on Peak to match your business with the ideal candidates.

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At Peak Technical Employment Services, our pre-employment technical screenings are conducted by professionals who still work in the industry. Our experts know how to find you qualified candidates.

Our Mission Statment

PEAK Employment Services is a collective of professional industry experts driven to optimize our clients talent search by providing them the best return on investment.

Our Vision

Our vision is to remove the risks normally found in the process of acquiring new talent. We see that harnessing the power of real data collection and analysis, we will take the uncertainty out of the talent acquisition process. Using this new approach, we can match the optimal candidates to our clients which will maximize their return on investment and build trust.